Hollywood, California (USA)

After a long stint in what was believed to be development hell When The Laughter Dies was greenlit by Paramount Studios after a firm commitment by Eddie Murphy to star in a supporting role. Eddie Murphy, having starred in Coming to America along side Arsenio Hall has a strong grasp and knowledge of the character. “I can definitely nail this role, I was born for it,” Eddie expressed, “ I’ve known the man very well for some years now and believe I can do him justice.”

Mos Def, of the rap duo Black Star, has been slated to appear as the title character of the picture. He promises as ground breaking a performance as he has delivered consistently in each film since his acting career began. “I’ll be slightly less retarded than in 16 Blocks but definitely more than in The Italian Job,” Mr. Def promised his fans. Arsenio Hall, former somebody, was not contacted about the project.

The release date is scheduled for Fall of 2010, falling in the thick of competition for awards season. Brad Grey, CEO and Chairman of Paramount Pictures feels strongly about the project and believes it has a shot at strong box office showing and critical reception, “This is one of our proudest tent pole films of the year.”

Also on the way from Paramount is the erotic thriller Sensual Diaries and the good cop bad cop mystery, Bad and Busty. Leading detective, Cherry Blossoms, must resolve the murder of her former partner, by having lots and lots of sex, and a scene where she just splashes around naked in a Jacuzzi.

The critics are lined up and this is starting to look like a promising movie season.