Reno, Nevada (USA)

“I don’t know where I went wrong on this one,” was the sole statement at the press conference held yesterday afternoon. Payton Boucher, 28 year old self proclaimed local legend, was left flabbergasted upon receiving news that his ex-girl friend and current exotic dancer was expecting a child, second with Payton.

“First of all she told me she was on the pill.” Brandi could not be reached for comment, at least not until the duration of three songs had passed. It has been speculated that when polls come out early next week Boucher’s numbers will be in sharp decline. There is debate that this could cost him the entire congressional election at the Nevada Springs trailer court.

“It works damn near every time,” was the sentiment from the Boucher camp, “however, this did happen and now we must deal with the consequences.”

Boucher, who spends a majority of his time “drinking beers” and “scouting out the bitches” from his “rad” 1982 screaming eagle Chevy Camero, began what he describes as the first step in a course of action to straighten the ship of his political career.

He was spotted between 6:30 and 6:42 this morning purchasing several lucky sevens scratch off lottery tickets at the Texaco gas station next to the Arby’s on Route 4.

The GNN correspondent present at the site was hesitant to lend Mr. Boucher a quarter. Boucher is now in debt to GNN offices for a total sum of one quarter.