Dallas, Texas (USA)

In a startling turn of events one of the top members of the Local 55 Housewives Union has returned to work, despite the ongoing nationwide strike started when Susan B. Anthony first realized her clitoris was actually just an undersized penis. President of the Union, Samantha Arless had this to say, “this is a travesty and an insult directly pointed at those who trusted her most. By vacuuming and cooking and giving her husband various other reasons to actually want to fuck her Janet sets us back a hundred years.” With her life now being regularly threatened local authorities have taken it upon themselves to set up surveillance points around Janet Kahn’s South Dallas residence, taking extensive notes to then bring home to show their own respective wives.

“Oh, it’d be great,” declared police Chief Charles Whittmore. The Male Union, inspired by the act has offered a bartering suggestion. For every woman that returns successfully to her duties as a housewife, a man will cease crossing the picket lines located directly in front of the Wet Fingers Gentlemen’s Club. “Definitely a fair deal, I mean I like moderately priced blow jobs but I also like meatloaf. Let’s see where this goes,” was the opinion of one hardworking husband.

In the meantime, rebel housewife Janet Kahn is likely to continue to face taunts from fellow union members. When asked why she did it the answer was simple, “I’m not a cunt.” The statement was followed by immediate outrage from cunts as far as the former Soviet state of Georgia. The entire world is in panic at the ripple effect Mrs. Kahn’s actions might have, except of course for the Middle East where according to a spokesperson they “have their cunts under control.”