Cincinnati, OH (USA)

Earlier this morning authorities concluded their manhunt for long time registered online dater Steve Ekers. Mr. Ekers, 32 year old personal banker and ex-husband, had reportedly been using online dating sites for months for what he calls, “consensual sex.” Police found him this morning sleeping unsuspectingly in his bed when he was tackled and arrested. An extensive search of the house, destroying much of the property, revealed no other findings.

Police had been on his trail for several weeks before the arrest took place. Chief John Wolff spoke minutes after the raid, “once we had his patterns down it became very easy to take control of the situation.” Police surveillance earlier this month revealed that Mr. Ekers had been running his operation out of a moderately priced Italian Café. “Once we had the location it was only a matter of time,” Wolff continued. Ekers did not release a statement however according to his online profile he enjoys “going to the movies,” “hanging out with friends,” and occasionally “having a few drinks.”

Dennis Ekers, Steve’s father, had this to say, “he’s my son and I love him very much. We’ll get through this.” GNN reporters caught up with neighbors of the alleged online dater shortly after the police action. Their sentiment was one of shock, “I never would have thought, he was always so quiet. I mean he would have lady friends over but we all just assumed he met them at the super-market, or at work.” Most caught by surprise, the women who had sex with him, “I never would have thought the man who had sex with me was using online dating to have sex with me.”

State officials are being pressured to strengthen laws on consensual sexual relations stemming from online encounters. Ohio lobbyist and unattractive go-cart enthusiast Robert Rosen added these strong words, “it’s disgusting. A man and woman should not be allowed to have sex just because they want to.” Rosen himself has been a member of several online dating websites for years but has reportedly “not yet been laid.”