In what is being described as “the most ludicrous, yet mildly arousing” move in the ongoing battles between The White House and Republican John Boehner, republicans tacked on a proposal to The Boehner plan which would include Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and GOP hopeful Michele Bachmann to pose together in the pages of Hustler magazine, in a variety of x rated pictorials.

“The way America is going to get out of this debt crisis is by budget cuts, not by increased spending” said John Boehner Wednesday afternoon, “and currently, the government is subsidizing the Print Media industry in this country almost half a billion dollars a year. We need to think outside the box to allow for a decreasing need to government subsidies, and the GOP is prepared to assist the print industry by offering up the best looking box we have.”

Majority Leader Harry Reid spoke out against the measure, calling it “just another case of Republicans putting the needs of the American people behind the needs of Viagra lobbyists.” Other Democrats are claiming this is simply an attempt from the GOP to take back some of the youth vote that Barack Obama captured during the 2008 election with his series of “how to maintain a beach body” articles in Men’s Fitness. However, according to figures from the Congressional Budget Office, the pictorial, which is rumored to be titled “beyond the pants suit,” could indeed give print media enough revenue in a single month than it was projected to get through the entire year, and also projects the measure could help bolster the weaning “lotion and tissue” industries.

Rob DeSantis