A Bronx woman has reportedly found the love of her life through the popular online community’s personals section, after viewing several photos last month showing only the penis of a local Staten Island man.

Krystal Moon, 31, of the East Bronx neighborhood of Castle Hill, explained that after viewing countless postings under Craiglist’s “Men Seeking Women” personal ads she became enamored with one particular posting. The 32-year-old Staten Island man, who wishes to remain nameless, described himself as “a nice, successful guy” who “likes to have fun” and has a “charming personality”. He listed his strongest assets as “having a car and a gym membership” and “being a traditional romantic”. But that isn’t what drew Ms. Moon to him.

“It was his penis,” she said. “I couldn’t see his face because it was cropped out of each one, but I knew from that penis that he was the man for me.” She went on to explain that, “it was the creativity and variety that really got to me. He had four photos, all showing different angles of his erect member. A man like that has got to be a very thoughtful and artsy kind of guy,” she continued. “The lighting was fantastic.”

The two met for a date soon afterwards. He took her to a local Chipotle for burritos and it went off without a hitch. Well, almost. “I had trouble picking him out of the crowd because I didn’t know what his face looked like. Maybe if he had arrived with his dong dangling out it would have been a lot easier.”

After several more dates at various other upstanding New York-area eateries they have decided to tie the knot. Krystal hopes that her story will encourage others to meet and find true love just as she did.

“People think posting pictures on those personals ads are a waste, especially if you’re too shy to show your face, which clearly [he] was. I think that’s what attracted me to him so much. He really is a shy guy.”

Craigslist was founded in 1995 by Internet entrepreneur Craig Newmark, and has since become an extremely successful site for job listings, properties/goods for sale or rent, dating, and helping serial killers and sexual predators find their future rape and/or murder victims.

Matt Sulem