The Tennessee band Kings of Leon announced Monday that they will be canceling their US tour, parents and roommates of band members were first to be notified. The band cites lead singer Caleb Followill’s vocal issues and exhaustion as reasons for the cancellation. Facing pressure from a stern email, the tour manager has promised to refund all of the ticket sold.

“The band is devastated, but in order to give their fans the show they deserve, they need to take this break,” said the groups rep in reference to the widely held belief that the absence of Kings of Leon on the summer tour schedule will boost attendance for other, more musically inclined bands.

Most troubled by this news is the grandmother of bassist Jared Followill and lead singer Caleb Followill, who was looking forward to having the boys out of the house and the band out of the garage. “I was so hoping to be done with the screeching and clanging for a week or two, I wish they’d just move out.” The Followill’s grandmother is frequently cited as the inspiration for their one hit, “Sex on Fire.” She adds, “I’m glad I told them to keep their job at Denny’s until something better came along, which they did, so at least they can go back to flipping burgers until they figure out what to do next.”

Noah Odabashian