At first glance, there is nothing unusual about Ed Harris. Yet yesterday Fate had something in store for this unwitting 53 year old computer technologies consultant. As he was driving back from corporate headquarters, where he was doing on hand testing of new products, Ed heard the lottery results read out on the radio. The numbers rang out in his mind.

“At first I wasn’t sure I’d heard correctly. So when I got home, I immediately went online to check again.” As he had thought, Ed had not won the third largest jackpot in the history of Ohio state, relinquishing a 0.0000003933% claim to 178 millions dollars.

He immediately phoned his wife with the news, clutching the losing ticket. Her response was noncommittal: “Oh well, too bad. Did you pick up the kids from school?”

“I was devastated for a few seconds but then I turned back to pick up my kids from school,” says Harris blandly. “I guess it’s OK. None of my numbers were drawn today, so there’s more chance tomorrow right?”

Harris stays optimistic, although having lost 145 times in a row so far, waving goodbye to a potential combined total of $4,340,000,000. “Oh sure, I’ll play again. They say 100% of winners took a chance after all. It’s probably an exaggeration but what the hell…”

Luck might strike soon for Harris – statistics show that no balding middle aged man has won the lottery in the area since 1974. Plus he got a very positive message from an Asiatic sugar cookie. So there is hope.

Louis Smith