In an effort to address jobs, the economy and improving the working class standard of living, the GOP is preparing to introduce a bill to repeal the Labor Day National Holiday.

“It’s ironic that a national holiday created to allegedly reward workers actually costs the real job creators in America billions of dollars a year in lost productivity, which in turn just means higher consumer costs, fewer jobs, and lower wages”, said Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on Monday.

While the controversial measure has broad Republican support, it is widely being driven and supported by the Tea Party. A recent Gallup poll just released Monday showed a full 90% of voters who identify themselves as Tea Party supporters said they agreed that they would be better off if they didn’t have the day off for Labor Day.

“It’s a question of unintended consequences”, said Tea Party favorite Rand Paul. “The Labor Day holiday is well intentioned, but it’s basically just a giant tax on businesses and a huge burden on the tax payers. If we really want to improve the standard of living for the working class and get spending under control, we need to get rid of these burdensome paid holidays.”

Added Tea Party darling Michelle Bachman, “The bible says the Lord took man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work…it doesn’t say anything about paid holidays on the backs of taxpayers and job creators.”

As for President Obama, he’s refused to comment on the issue thus far, but aides close to the Administration have said that the President is secretly working on a grand compromise where he would agree to repeal the Labor Day Holiday if the GOP leaders agree to “friend” him on Facebook.

Rob Chiodo