Tampa, FL (USA)

Sparks were apparently flying even before the first Tea Party Republican Debate began Monday night.

Offering a rare glimpse into the human side of politics, cameras caught what appeared to be a steamy exchange between Presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney and Michelle Bachman just minutes before the CNN debate was scheduled to begin.

A stage hand within ear shot of the two later confirmed hearing Bachman lean in and whisper to a blushing Romney that she had “an ounce of meth and a heated waterbed in her campaign bus”, but before Romney could reply he was cock-blocked by an eavesdropping Rick Perry who suddenly appeared and “creepily” suggested a three-way back at his hotel room.
The mood was instantly shot and the three separated awkwardly, making their way to their assigned podiums without another word.

Perry and Bachman’s frustrations were obvious just moments later, when they launched a barrage of heated personal attacks on Perry while barely laying a proverbial glove on each other.

All three campaigns denied any such events occurred.

Rob Chiodo