In an exclusive interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, lovable children’s cartoon characters Tom & Jerry revealed Tuesday that their feud is not based on their stereotypical cat and mouse dynamic, but it is actually an age old feud over the State of Israel, as Jerry (born Gavriel Schwartz) is Israeli born, and Tom (known in the states as Talcum X) is Palestinian born. The feud was brought to the forefront of the media this week, as Palestine as been appealing the U.N. for a seat and to be recognized for statehood.

“Not many people realize that Tom & I have been fighting all this time over our countries right to exist, and our right to the Holy Land,” said Jerry, “I’m just fortunate I received such good training in my required time in the Israeli Army, because it allows me to get the best of that Palestinian Pussy.”

Parents across the nation who allow their children to watch Tom & Jerry, many of who have been enjoying their seemingly harmless violent antics since they were children, were horrified to learn that their chaotic exchanges were not just for entertainments sake. “I mean, I don’t know if I’m comfortable with allowing my children to watch this kind of programming. Knowing that they are…religious extremists…well I don’t know if I’m OK with that,” said Gertrude Smith, mother of 3, “I liked it better when they just didn’t like each other because they were racists. That’s something as an American, I can get behind.”

Rob DeSantis