In an effort to improve their image and attract children to their organization, the white supremacist group known as the Ku Klux Klan launched a new marketing program that puts a fun twist on the tradition white hooded garb of the infamous hate group.

“We wanted to convey the message that the Klan isn’t all lynches and burning crosses, the Klan is also about family and having fun, you know?” said Cletus Buckwad, Dir of Marketing for the KKK. “So someone came up with the idea for Kreamy, and we thought it was a real winner”.

If Kreamy’s debut in front of a local Klan chapter in Redbug, Alabama on Tuesday afternoon is any indication, Buckward may be on to something. Promising free ice cream and literature, the frosty mascot was surrounded by excited children for hours as he scooped out cone after cone of the delicious treat while lecturing them on the evils of “darkie”.

The only complaint overheard from the children seemed to be that the only flavor of ice cream being served was vanilla. However, “Kreamy” was quick to explain that vanilla is the only pure form of ice cream, and that mixing in inferior flavors is evil and how trouble starts.

The KKK plans to launch similar events in 15 cities over the next 6 months, and reportedly already has a merchandising deal with Wallmart for the creation of “Kreamy” dolls, clothes and Halloween costumes.

Rob Chiodo