As the nations media outlets finally start giving attention to the Occupy Wall Street movement that has been going on for almost 3 weeks in New York City, many have stopped to ask where this movement started. Because the movement is described as “leaderless,” many thought it was a disgruntled group of American’s standing up to the Wall Street fat cats. However, analysts are insisting that this movement can be traced back to one man who started his revolution not on Wall Street, but Sesame Street, and his fat cats were in fact a big yellow bird.

Oscar the Grouch, who has been speaking out against the man since 1969, is happy to have inspired an entire generation to stand up to the man. “People have been complaining this movement hasn’t gotten enough coverage,” said Oscar, “Look at me! I’ve been on TV 42 F*#&ing years!!! Sure, they always put me on when I want to sing a tune with the kids about staying in school or eating vegetables, but they cut all my other songs, like “F**# your Wall Street Daddy,” and “You don’t pay property tax in a F*#&ing Trash Can!”

Even though many of Oscar’s anti-Fat Cat songs never aired on TV, many of the protesters have said publicly that Oscar was their motivation for standing up to Wall Street and living in the streets of NYC. When GNN asked Big Bird, known around Wall Street as Saul “Yellow” Steinberg, he was quoted as saying “Oscar’s just like the rest of these hippies. Stop bitching and get a job! Why do you think I kept telling you kids to stay in school, so my taxes wouldn’t have to pay your unemployment!”

Rob DeSantis