A local park in Syracuse New York became the most recent site of the Westboro Baptists Church protesting. The protestors, who have made a home in the New York area recently since the passing of the state’s law allowing Gay Marriage, have moved onto protesting other forms of marriage they find an abomination. In this case, the target of their outrage was a local dog wedding between Mr. Sprinkles and Princess. Attendees who showed up to the wedding expecting a fun afternoon, were met with heckling and posters with slogans such as “All Dogs Go to Hell” as well as “Doggy Style = Devil Style.”

“Marriage is supposed to be the sacred union between a man and a woman!” said Fred Phelps, leader of the Westboro Baptist Church. “This is an abomination and an affront to God! First the gays and now dogs! This is exactly what I said would happen if we let the gays marry! It was Adam and Eve, not Astro and Scooby Doo!”

Attendees tried to politely explain to the protestors that a “Dog Wedding” is in no way meant to be a religious union of two dogs, and is mostly just a meeting of local dog owners for a fun day at the park for their dogs to play and get dressed up in fun outfits. Phelps responded “That sounds like Logic to me! Logic is the devils language!”

Rob DeSantis