A local kegger thrown by Masad Khalid, junior ‘13, was met with success last Saturday night. “Khalid is infamous for his lavish festivities and Saturday was no exception,” Zohar Lhaloui exclaimed. Perhaps the most memorable part of the night was the beer pyramid or “Beeramid” constructed by Khalid and three dozen other students. Khalid and his friends failed to the see the irony in their gesture, completely ignorant of the history of thier nation, perhaps the oldest civilization on planet Earth. “We had all these dead soldiers lying around,” Mohammed Aluyim explained (in reference to the empty beer cans) “that’s when Masad had the bright idea to pool all our sources together a build a pyramid…but out of beer cans!”

The Beeramid idea was not met without some hesitation. Some students wished for a more constructive use of the cans. “I thought it would be cool to build a huge tower to reach the heavens,” Alya Paqan added; “yet when I tried to tell my friends they couldn’t understand me. Maybe the music was too loud.” Another reference lost on the student body of the University of Egypt.

Khalid and his friends reveled in the completion of the Beeramid. This included ceremoniously pouring out a little bit of beer to honor the gods of the Beeramid before they drank. Khalid himself dubbed the monument the Great Beeramid of Giza.

“Building that thing was hard work,” reports Khalid, maybe we can get the exchange students from Israel to pitch in next time.

Phil Biedron