Shortly after the New Year, the G.O.P. nomination will begin to come into focus beginning with the Iowa Caucus in January.  The G.O.P. primary so far as been a back and forth race with leaders like Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann at one time leading and then falling back in the polls.  On the other side, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich at one time polled as low as 2%, now leads in the polls with some results showing as high as a 10 point lead over #2 candidate Mitt Romney.  Political Analysts have reported however that Newt’s comeback poll numbers leading into the Holiday season have less to do with his political policies, and more to do with his resemblance to Santa Clause.

Political analysts have theorized that this was no accident by the Gingrich camp, but an attempt to stomp out any Gingrich / Grinch associations before they could happen.  “We wanted to make sure that people would make a positive association this holiday season since Gingrich & Grinch sound so much alike, and obviously because of Newt’s tendency to sneak into people’s houses on Christmas Eve and steal small children’s presents.”  Gingrich has been seen on the campaign trail doing Santa Clause related activities, such as letting children sit on his lap, wearing red with a long white beard, and kissing your mother.