In a startling turn of events, famed warlord and late 1980’s hip hop enthusiast Joesph Kony has joined the campaign to end the campaign of famed warlord and late 1980’s hip hop enthusiast Joseph Kony. “I just watched the video and it blew me away,” Kony had to say, “all the facts, i’m just such a dick, bam, you can’t keep ignoring it.” He also added that a majority of his liberation army had already shared the video and did not want to feel left out.

Members of the popular rock bands Green Day and U2 have united for a benefit concert in support of Joseph Kony and his new anti-Kony stance. Lead singer Bono held a press conference to announce the news several hours after the warlord’s Facebook status was updated. “It’s truly a marvelous event and hopefully we’ll get a huge turnout and be able to make a change. With your help Uganda will one day be as safe as the rest of Africa.”

There has been backlash throughout the day as a result of the announcement. Both the Free Mumia movement and the Zeitgeist dude claim that people should not be “taken in by what is clearly a fad” and should “focus on the real problems in this country.” Sweatshirts are currently available by both groups at reasonable prices on their respective websites.