“I just thought to myself, what would be the most ironic thing I could do? And then it occurred to me, become a lawyer and make my parents proud of me!” Those were the words of Ronald Stevenson, former hipster, and now Harvard Law graduate. “See a few years ago, being a hipster actually meant something. It was a statement against society and conventional norms. But now anyone can get a couple tattoos, dress like an idiot, and call themselves a hipster. Being a hipster became normal! All of a sudden, people were confusing me with these wannabe’s.  It became a issue of how could I establish myself as being an actual hipster. Turns out, to separate myself from them, I had to do the most ironic thing i could do, and that’s when I went to Harvard Law School.

Stevenson, who graduated top of his class, is looking to secure a job at any number of top Wall Street firms. He is being actively recruited and is expected to start at a six figure salary salary with full benefits. “The only difficult part of this whole thing is covering up all my tattoos and piercings.” said Stevenson.  “Unfortunately long sleeves don’t cover the “Fuck Life” tattoo I have across my knuckles. I’ve been telling people that I’m a germaphobe and have to wear gloves at all times.  However I still haven’t thought of a good excuse for why I have 4 inch holes in my ears from where my gauges used to be.”