GM in attempt to go greener than any of its rivals announced the successful test run of the THC, a car that runs on mixture of traditional gasoline and hemp. GM explained that by using hemp as part of its “Go Green” initiative they plan to put the “High” in Hybrid. Although the car will emit exhaust fumes the only expected consequence is some passersby might experience a craving for Cheese Nachos, Pringles and baked goods. GM said it plans to use the technology for mass transit devices and has already gotten an order from an unnamed city for the vehicle they are calling the “Canni-bus.” The automaker has set a target date of 2014 to release three different sizes of the Hemponal Vehicle: The Cheech, The Chong, and the Snoop DeVille.

Paul Lander is Writer/Prod and Consultant Producer of XM/Sirius’s “Hey, Get Off My Lawn.”