Replacing one egomaniac with another, CurrentTV announced fallen Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will join its TV Line-up in a new show tentatively called “Party Like A Despot.” The show will replace the canceled “Countdown with Keith Olbermann.” Mubarak stated, “I need to lay low while awaiting trial and I’m confident nobody will ever be able to find me on CurrentTV.” CurrentTV promises viewers will learn how to “Party Like Despot” in episodes like “I Just Got A Camel To Confess To War Crimes, Now Let’s Dance,” “Water Boarding: Game Night Winner,” and “Electric Prod: The Ultimate Party Starter.” And, for teenagers, a variation on an old kissing game called “Spin The Dissident.” Mubarak added “Thanks to CurrentTV, I can’t wait to NOT to be seen by billions of people around the globe.”

The show will air on Time/Warner’s Channel 234234, viewers are warned to go directly to the network, channel surfing to find it can cause Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Olbermann was quoted as saying, “I can only wish Hosni becomes as obscure as I did on CurrentTV. My own mailman recently asked me, ‘Didn’t you used to be that Keith Olberman guy?’” In a related story Bravo Network announced due the fall of Mubarak, Khaddafi, etc., it is scrapping plans for it’s fall series “Real Dictators of the Middle East.”