A new protest group has developed in downtown Chicago seeking to protest the current activities of those protesting this weekend’s NATO summit. “I hate protesters,” says Make Radcliff, who traveled here from Portland, Oregon to take a stand against the NATO protesters. “They tie up traffic and make fools of themselves at the expense of civilized society. I’m going to stand here in the street with my face painted yellow until they stop it.”

This new group, known as Students Against Protesting Students (SAPS), has sought to bring attention to the growing danger of protestors. Steve Charles, founder of the group brushes off criticism of the SAPS.

“A lot of people have been critical of us SAPS because they say our motive is ambiguous. But if being ambiguous is what it takes to grab attention to our cause, then we will or will not, to some sort of degree, be somewhat ambiguous, I think.

When confronted with the argument that NATO protesters are simply exercising their first amendment right of free speech, Charles countered that the SAPS have the same right. “I have the same right to argue that the protesters have no right to speak. In fact, I think freedom of speech is destroying America, and I’m going make sure everyone knows it–even if I might offend some people who don’t like hearing that.”

The organization has also been criticized for being fragmented and not unified in its goals. In fact, certain members of SAPS that are against fractionalization within the group, plan to break off into a separate group, focusing instead on protesting the existence of splinter groups.

Bob Eichelberg