The 2012 election is likely shaping up to be a race between current President Barack Obama, and likely G.O.P. nominee Mitt Romney. Obama, who had strong numbers from younger voters in 2008, is targeting his campaign to reach out to those 20 something’s again with promises of jobs, financial breaks for student loans, and supporting socially conscious issues. However many analysts believe this will have a similar negative outcome that the 2008 campaign did, producing another generation of 20 something’s becoming active in politics who don’t know what they are talking about, and worse off, not shutting up about it.

20 Something’s, whose primary vehicle for political debate is social media sites like Facebook & Twitter, have already begun debating top issues like “Obama is down with like…gay marriage and stuff,” as well as “Mitt Romney probably says the N word in private,” and “Ron Paul is the pro-marijuana guy right?”  They have also kept up with recent events, as there was a large amount of social media chatter after the decision on the healthcare mandate, discussing issues like “Hooray, free healthcare!” and “So wait I don’t get free healthcare?” and “I’ll just wait for The Daily Show to explain it.”

Hot Button topics should differ from the 2008 election, as most of the discussion in Obama’s first election was centered around, “I’m not voting for him just because he’s black,” as well as “Well no I don’t actually know what any of his policies are, but like, Nine Eleven or whatever,” and most commonly, “Ron Paul is the pro-marijuana guy right?” Top Romney advisers are planning on releasing their own internet campaign to try and reach the 20 something’s, explaining his plan for job growth via internet meme’s featuring Romney’s pet cat Reagan.