Famed satire periodical The Onion broke news early this morning of a scandel involving presidential candidate Mitt Romney and at least 32 Filipino sex slaves.  Although facts are still coming in it is believed that the GOP candidate was trafficking human livestock for sex, house and gardening. Although none of the news can be considered valid considering it sourced from a satire periodical, MSNBC is declaring the liberal movement as vindicated. “As we all know there is at least some truth in satire,” recently fired from his own station Keith Olbermann declared. “Just because it’s a blatant fabrication doesn’t mean it’s not true!”

Former Political Science majors are celebrating all across the country. Jennifer Finkelstein delve further into what she claimed to be the Republican Agenda. “This is also factual evidence that religion is bad. Marijuana is illegal but Romney can fictitiously have 32 wives?” GNN is scheduled to conduct a follow up interview with Ms. Finkelstein once she has to begin paying taxes.