The WWE announced a No Holds Barred Steel Cage Match between Casey “The Duct Tape Kid” Anthony and Nancy “I Can’t Shut The F#$K Up” Grace. After over a year of fighting words thrown by the Head Line News Anchor, Casey Anthony said she’s had enough: “I’m not saying I’m a killer but if I was going to use duct tape, I’d shut up that Nancy Grace.” Grace immediately responded: “The fight is on. You see the size of my teeth. Let me tell you, my bite is worse than my snark.” Grace added while entering the ring she will blare either the soundtrack from Jaws or Elton John’s “The Bitch Is Back.” In Anthony’s corner will be her legal team. Causing Grace to snicker: “In the ring I’m the judge and jury. Just as it should be in real life.” The WWE expects this pay per view event to be attended by many celebrities. One, Kim Kardashian who tweeted she was shocked by the verdict will be rooting for Grace. Team Anthony responded: “Great, a legal opinion from someone who might have gotten brain damage when they x-rayed her ass….”

The WWE, also, announced on the same card will be The OctoMom and kids squaring off against Jon and Kate Plus Eight in the “Rumble In The Jungle Gym.”

Two People Enter, No One Leaves Alive….

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