A study in the “New England Journal of Medicine” found that certain shampoos, soaps and lotions containing lavender and tea tree oils can cause boys to develop breasts. In a follow up survey to shed light on the affects of Journal of Medicine study the following was reported:

75% of those boys who grew breasts had lower grades … apparently they spent less time studying and more time feeling themselves up.

37% had trouble seeing if their shoelaces were tied or untied.

2% claimed to have won a wet t-shirt contest

22% had told somebody at least once, “you know I have eyes, too!”

27% reported that after getting themselves drunk, they then went to “second base” with themselves.

Scientists warned these finding were based on too small a sample to be considered factual.

Paul Lander is a Writer/Prod and Consultant/Producer of XM/Sirius’s “Hey, Get Off My Lawn.”