bruce jennerHOLLYWOOD, CA (USA)

In a shocking turn of events and considered to be the most elaborate “gotcha” in history, Bruce Jenner surgically removes layers of skin to reveal he’s in fact a living and healthy Andy Kaufman.

Kaufman was mourned by millions of fans in May of 1984 following what was believed to be a painful battle with a rare form of lung cancer. The off-beat comedian explains that his passing was actually part of an elaborate hoax decades in the making. “I kept trying to be this great comedian and all the wrestling and kids stuff just wasn’t cutting it,” Kaufman explains, “the solution was obvious.” Kaufman then proceeded to make scores of fans miserable. One such fan, James Alvarez of Santa Barbara took to twitter, “I cried for a month, he’s the funniest comic ever!”

It wasn’t just fans and the media caught by surprise. Kris Jenner, wife of Bruce since 1991 is still having trouble coping with the news. When questioned how she could not tell the two men apart during intercourse she explained that Bruce insisted on role playing, “I could only bang Tony Clifton.”