prison sex 2NASHVILLE, TN (USA)

A Tennessee state prison has voted to ban same sex marriage but only in cases where the relationship is consensual. Warden John Thomas explained the reasoning behind the decision, “it’s just unnatural for two men to have sex and both enjoy it.” Nonconsensual same sex prison marriage on the other hand has  been a long time institution not just in Tennessee but in prisons throughout the entire country.

The local community is divided on the ruling with locals supporting the decision while protestors from New York and California are strongly opposed. “People from Nashville just aren’t intelligent enough to know whats best for Nashville, ” a male New York University Art History Major declared while holding up a rainbow flag, “historically more progressive states are needed to force people to do what we know is best for them.” When asked if his own homosexuality weighted heavy on his choice to protest he responded with an unmistaken, “oh, i’m not a fag.”