A very thin model.LOS ANGELES, CA

A new trend in dieting has taken the city of Los Angeles by storm and those in the weight loss industry believe this to be more than just a fad. The diet involves eating any food in any quantity and before any of it is absorbed by the body you throw it all up. Although the results are immediate the popular trend is seeing negative backlash from the medical industry. “You can’t just throw up and starve yourself,” noted respected physician Blake Fitzgerald, “you also shouldn’t be gorging. There needs to be a middle ground of healthy eating and exercise.” These statements were followed by an immediate firestorm from a Melissa McCarthy fan club claiming discriminatory remarks towards big and beautiful women. Fans weighted in from all around the country. “Look at Chris Farley, John Belushi,” argued a Nebraska native as he continued listing several more celebrities who led self destructive lives fueled by self loathing and crippling depression, “not like that traitor Drew Carey.” Referring of course to Drew Carey’s weight loss methods of healthy eating and exercise.

Following the divide in nutritional trends NBC is slated to premier two new shows on their Monday night line up. Ass or Elbows, a game show hosted by Wayne Brady will be followed by Dead or Sleeping, a show where contestants hold up mirrors to obese peoples nostrils in attempts to win cash prizes. Both shows are garnering rave reviews.