For the past several hours footage of the 2012 presidential debates has been trending on all major social media outlets. The specific segment focuses on the former candidate Mitt Romney targeting Russia as a geopolitical foe and President Barack Obama laughing the statements off. When asked about the President’s policy towards Eastern Europe White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was candid, “what debates?” Minutes following the press conference MSNBC broke the story of a connection between the 2012 terrorist attack on a U.S. embassy in Benghazi with former presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Political commentator and part time Jerry Seinfeld impersonator Rachel Maddow disclosed documents printed on White House stationary linking the former candidate with bank accounts used to fund the attack leaving a U.S. Ambassador fatally wounded.

The story is currently only being covered by NBC stations however they have already warned that if footage of the 2012 debates continues to trend Justin Bieber will receive a phone call. A resurrected Michael Jackson molesting another sickly child is also a possibility the station declared.