tarantinoHOLLYWOOD, CA (USA)

In an interview with Screenwriter Magazine, Quentin Tarantino candidly answered personal questions ranging from the mundane to the perverse. In one instance he admitted to preferring the musk of his own farts when compared to those of others. “Yea, it’s definitely a trip, once it hits your nose it just doesn’t let go, it’s just cool but hot but cool at the same time,” he went on to say. When asked if it was something particular in his diet that caused the self satisfying aroma, the Django Unchained director was quick to refute any assumptions, “that’s food, that’s stuff from the outside. My body is what makes whatever this magic is, I deserve the credit, not some food that was nothing but food before I ate it.”

Also notable filmmaker and recent Oscar winner, Spike Jonze, was asked to comment on Mr. Tarantino’s flatulence and although he could not commit one way or the other he did admit that “they definitely do linger.”