teacherBrooklyn, NY (USA)

Newly elected mayor Bill Di Blasio’s plan for the department of education has parents outraged as over 80 percent of student’s grades are in immediate decline. These statistics coincide with the new initiative that teachers be forced to do something that they lobbied strongly against for years, their job.

Effected most are students who don’t study and those who study but only enough to get into a state college.

Although studies are showing that smoking cigarettes is on the rise amongst those in the teaching profession, any connection to the changes in education policy are inconclusive. High school math teacher Angela Dae described the current atmosphere in her school, “ the students are confused, their parents are confused, I have the teacher’s edition and I’m still confused. If I really wanted to know this stuff, I wouldn’t have gotten a job teaching it.”

With more time being dedicated to studies, marijuana use is in decline amongst teens. Parents rallied in complaint, “they always want to talk now, they have all this energy. I don’t know who my son is anymore.”

Congressman Joe Strummand defended the change in policy and calmed fellow New York City parents, “the more teachers do their job, the less we might have to do ours.”