BROOKLYN, NY – Williamsburg, Brooklyn has broken the national record for city with most soul food restaurants not owned or operated by an African American. The honor was bestowed upon the community when Jive Turkey, a gluten-free restaurant specializing in deep fried turkey legs, opened last week to rave reviews from the Village Voice. Josh Goldstein, proprietor of the restaurant, was enthusiastic upon receiving the news. “It’s really fantastic to be a part of something this important and to know how much we’re helping the local community,” he said before announcing that the entirety of the staff will be comprised of underprivileged survivors of the Bosnian genocide.

Co-owners of Jive Turkey include Josh’s longtime NYU classmates Jessica Steinman and Arnold Feinberg.

“There really is no better food, it’s what I grew up on,” Mr. Goldstein explained, “just like my mother used to make, real traditional.”

Other popular eateries in the neighborhood include Jade Collared Greens, an Asian fusion restaurant, and Joel McNaughton’s Authentic House of Chitlins, last year’s winner of the coveted Zagat award for best minority kitchen not owned or operated by a minority. “Try the okra cornbread,” a diner praised, “goes great with the green beer.”

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