BROOKLYN, NY – Jeremy Stein, famous for exposing September 11th as a Bush administration conspiracy operation, has revealed this morning that he has pieced together the final clues regarding the missing Malaysian airliner. “It’s obvious to anyone who looks at the facts,” Stein explained, “it’s clearly a coverup.” Although he is unsure if the plot was organized by the Reptilian Mastermind or the Japanese Illuminati, overshadowed in power only by the European Illuminati, Stein is certain that the missing jet was not the result of Iranian terrorists. He explained that the Jewish media focused on this information in an attempt by Israel to protect their own Illuminati, colloquially known as the Rothschild Agenda. Stein is also an expert on NSA monitoring techniques and chem trails.

While the White House refuses to issue an official statement regarding Mr. Stein’s claims, Malaysian officials believing the conspiracy to be less incriminating than what actually happened, are entering the Brooklyn native’s blog into their public record. The local investigation team is abandoning their ocean search and will instead focus their efforts on finding what they refer to as an “Eyes Wide Shut” party. “We need to find who’s responsible for this,” expressed chief investigator Razak bin Osman, “men in venetian masks.”