LOS ANGELES, CA – In a controversial youtube video posted this morning, Laker point guard and legendary baller Steve Nash explained his sentiment to continue his career strictly for the money. “I know my body is shot, but they promised me this money and i’m going to collect,” Nash explained. He did, however, offer the Los Angeles fan base consolation by adding that following the conclusion of his contract he would most likely sign with the New York Knicks, the Laker’s biggest financial competitor.

Madison Square Garden owner and former drug addict, James Dolan expressed strong interest in signing the once perennial all star. Most remember the Knicks as being the top alternative to the Lakers in signing the coveted Nash when he hit the free agent market several years ago. “It wasn’t the right time, he wasn’t ripe enough,” Dolan said, “in two years his knee caps should be just soft enough to fit in with our roster.” Steve Nash is expected to be able to walk just far enough to the contract signing then collapse from years of developing osteoporosis. “Although he probably won’t play a game,” Dolan continued, “we still expect to sell a ton of jerseys.”