NEW YORK, NY – New York architect and father of two, Ted Mosby has started a petition for the repeal of the federal healthcare mandate known as “Obamacare” following the untimely death of his wife and part-time bass player, Tracy Mosby (nee McConnell). The petition was slow to gain traction, however, is now averaging several thousand signatures a day following the airing of the How I Met Your Mother series finale. “Honestly I didn’t even know what it was,” explained self-proclaimed television viewer Darnel Dawkins, “it wasn’t until I saw it acted out on a scripted situation comedy that I understood the importance of it all.”

Mr. Mosby is claiming that the infrastructure of the hospital his wife was admitted to was compromised because of policies directly attributed to the new healthcare mandate. “I spent my whole life working and when I need to see the fruits of my labor the system fails me, ” the father of two expressed during a tirade on morning news, “meanwhile illegal aliens like Dora ‘The Explorer’ Marquez get free amoxicillin whenever they want!”

Controversy started to develop when it was discovered that Mosby was currently in a relationship with former girlfriend and World Wide News correspondent Robin Scherbatsky. The two are believed to have been behind Tracy Mosby’s death in an attempt to get the barren tele-journalist a family of her own.

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