HUNTINGTON, NY – Kwasi Enin became an internet sensation when he went 8 for 8 in Ivy League college admissions. Although he has not yet decided which university he will attend he has made it clear he plans to major in art history, or a subject of similar importance.

“I don’t just want to be another average college student. I want to do something special with my life, really change the world for the better,” Kwasi explained, “maybe gender studies.”

Although excited for what the future may hold, the Long Island native is fearful of the trap falls common to most college freshmen. He plans to set himself apart by hanging a Bob Marley poster, gaining 15 pounds, and buying a dragon shaped glass bong.

“When you see me wearing pajama pants, playing hacky sack in front of the student activity center, you’ll know i’m not just another student here,” Kwasi declared.

Drew Faust, president of Harvard University, expressed joy at having Enin as a possible student. When asked which course of study the university felt more appropriate, art history or gender relations, Faust smiled with admiration, “why not both as a double major? He seems pretty ambitious.”