NEW YORK, NY – New York Times bestseller Al Sharpton has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons this past week. Following the publication of his successful new book, Asians Are Now White People Too, it was revealed that a majority of the text had been plagerized from a David Duke newsletter released in 1973. Although no evidence exists that the civil rights leader plagerized the material intentionally, Mr. Duke’s legal team has filed for an injunction. The section of the book in question revolves around the controversial topic of “white man’s burden” and its role in society today. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke in defense of the book at a press conference earlier today. It was later revealed that much of the Mayor’s speech was actually plagiarized from a 1965 radio broadcast by Cuban President Fidel Castro discrediting homosexuals as human beings. Although the plagiarism was admitted to being intentional, Mayor de Blasio defended Castro as a personal hero who was often misunderstood. “I love gay people, I married one,” the mayor explained, “if you’re not gay you’re not contributing to future generations!”

David Duke, former Louisiana Representative, released a statement on his twitter page absolving Al Sharpton of any blame in the matter. The statement set off a firestorm of responses from followers confused about the stance taken by such a well known neo-nazi. Duke issued a second statement admitting that although he did in fact believe the material to be plagiarized, he is certain the civil rights leader was not involved. When asked to elaborate, he simply questioned Mr. Sharpton’s ability to read.

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