HOLLYWOOD, CA – In a typewritten letter submitted to her Twitter account handler, Jenny McCarthy claims to never have uttered a single word during her 41 year existence. “I’ve made noises, gestures, an occasional chuckle maybe, but cohesive words,” the letter continued, “have never left my mouth.” Although her statements received immediate backlash from people who claimed to have heard her speak in the past, the most shocking statement was one of defense from her former boyfriend and funny-man actor Jim Carrey. He claimed that although it seemed she has been speaking for years, he could not recall on a single occasion in which she actually made any sense.

It is believed that the official statement was in response to the anti-vaccine controversy developing around the former model. For many years McCarthy was the leading voice in the anti-vaccination movement claiming that the preventive treatment caused the condition known as Autism in her son Evan. She is now denying having a son as well as ever having posed nude for Playboy. McCarthy is scheduled to appear on several morning talk shows this week where she is expected to click and moan through interviews in defense of her controversial statements.