NEW YORK, NY – Charlie, a grey British Shorthair cat known for a series of car insurance commercials, has been the center of attention today following an incident first reported by MSNBC. Charlie, while on the set of a new television commercial, refused to eat even a single bite of brown colored Sheba brand wet cat food even though company executives repeatedly claimed that the taste was identical to that of the more white hued line of cat food. Jerry Seinfeld lookalike and part-time political commentator Rachel Maddow expressed her concern for the social implications. “Clearly African-Americans are yet again being ostracized for nothing more than their skin color,” the on air host explained, “it’s because of cats like Charlie that we still have a long way to go as a nation.” Fellow commentator Al Sharpton nodded in agreement. He can be seen below referring to a gentleman as a “punk faggot.”

Although Charlie maintains support from his family, many fans, such as 7 year old next door neighbor Tanya Sisero, have proclaimed a change in opinion. “That cat is a bigot. I have a cat and he eats brown cat food all the time,” Tanya told reporters this afternoon, “in fact, once he started eating brown cat food, that’s the only kind of cat food he’ll eat now.”

Charlie has yet to issue an official statement even after he was caught today by an investigative reporter laying around in his living room licking his legs and occasionally jolting his head towards flashes of light, most likely caused by the reporter’s wrist watch. “People are suffering and he continues to live without a care in the world,” Maddow expressed with disdain.