We appreciate all criticism, compliments and submissions. We will continue to reply to all messages until we stop doing so. That day will come unannounced and with extreme prejudice.

Submissions should keep in line with the style and content of the rest of the material on the site.



12 thoughts on “Contact

  1. from CNN — President Obama’s penis is bigger than Mitt Romney’s, but Mitt has bigger balls. According to sources, President Obama’s penis length is 8 1/2″ and Willard”Mitt” Romney is only 8″. But running for Governor of Massachusetts as a Republican took a lot of balls for Governor Romney.


  2. That is kind of the whole story gang…what else can you really add to it? you got the concept….the set-up and conflict and a very funny punch.
    the last thing you want to do to a good joke, especially at the end of your story, thought or set is to try and top it and let it die and lay there like a dead dog.
    If its funny, don’t tag it, ride the wave of laughter out the door and start the next one. Very funny concept and delivery.
    My only critique is the last line, it can be worded a bit differently as to not tip your hand. My opinion: His penis may be a 1/2 inch shorter but if any Republican is going to run for Governor of Massachusetts, you know they have a huge set of balls. Balls so big and heavy that they would crush any Kennedy crazy enough to try and throw them around and play with them without being crushed!

    you have a very funny thought process and political and timely, which are excellent qualities.


    1. Yea, you have no clue what you’re talking about haha There’s professional writing, which is writing for the length required, and what you do, telling unfunny jokes at parties then walking away feeling confident. P.S. instead of writing bad epilogues to other people’s actually funny jokes, try writing something of your own that can then bomb without trying to take quality work down with it :p


      1. OK, off to a bad start and not my intention at all. I was complimenting with a different option. If taken the wrong way, apologies all around. I don’t do parties, but thanks for the tip. I do like what you are doing here. good Luck.

        As the editor, you certainly have an odd way off bringing in or making those who have done this for a living feel like it is an opportunity. It does seem very amateurish to respond so hastily and angrily.

        Billy Staples

        I wish you good luck with your site, this is not an easy business


  3. Thanks for the apologies and best wishes. I have no intention of making people feel like this is an opportunity however I will always defend my opinions and if someone does happen to contribute or try to contribute to this site it is my duty to defend them as well. This site is not a business, it is just a place for people to have fun. If anyone wants to submit, they can, if they don’t want to they don’t have to, just a place to keep each other laughing. All the best and no hard feelings.


  4. You are 100% correct. I came off as being very standoffish and kind of deserved it. Point taken and put it away for the next time I go off of my comfort zone soap box. Does that analogy even make any kind of sense. A ‘comfort zone soap box’?

    thanks for the understanding reply.

    Billy Staples


  5. in attempt to increase readership by to the occupy movement, “The Onion” decides to resort to craigslist ad and a wordpress page to raise awareness of fake news in 2012: College drops-outs flood wordpress page…


    1. Hey hey now! We’re unemployed college graduates, not dropouts, ok? And I wish this actually was a huge Onion conspiracy, maybe then i’d be getting paid and not eating frosted flakes in my parents apartment right now…


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